Hannah Moulds, Sam De Freitas, Kathryn Spence

The truth is that the Scunthorpe Arts scene is overlooked, artists struggle to find a space in which to work from and exhibit, making networking a challenge. At Pop^Up Scunthorpe we host exhibits, events and workshops; which have now lead us to begin building permanent studio spaces which are located at Cafe INDIE. Cafe INDIE is a little bit like a mobile Library for Art, if you can picture the quirkiest art gallery from London, well, we've picked it up the and placed it in the heart of Scunthorpe. Our dream is to build a community of local Artists and help them on the next step of their journey. Changing the narrative of a small Town and putting Scunthorpes Art Scene on the Map.

Throughout Lockdown, Pop^Up Scunthorpe have continued to support local artists by hosting Wednesday to Wednesday exhibitions. Above is their virtual exhibit of all Wednesday to Wednesday entries. We'll keep you updated on everything Pop^Up Scunthorpe so check back regularly!

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